Tested & Reviewed: Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips

Murad Collagen LipsThese lips of mine have had a rough few months. Between the normal harshness of winter and the dry air in Colorado, I can now admit that I am a chapstick addict. Soon after moving to CO last fall, the hubby and I added a chapstick to every room so that we were never too far away from relief! However, I was still noticing that my lips looked dry and cracked whenever I smoothed on my lipstick. I tried homemade lip scrubs, which only lasted for a short period of time.

One day I stumbled onto a new product by Murad, called Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips. The product claims to “revitalize” lips while also using collagen to give a “plumper, more youthful appearance.” And who wouldn’t want a more luscious pout? I know I would! I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to these products that seem to just be marketing a result that many women desire, but the reviews I read were overwhelmingly positive. And my friends, I am happy to report that it works!


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