Friday Faves

This week has been a busy and fun one, serving as tour guide of Denver for my mom and her husband. Today, I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite summer finds, and hoping that the summer never ends!

Finding the perfect pair of white denim is always a feat for me. After multiple stores and failed fitting room sessions, these Old Navy gems are the ultimate steal.

Take your choice of color combos for these versatile summer sandals that can either be dressed down with shorts and a tank or perfectly paired with a sundress.

You won’t be able to put down this bestseller by one of my favorite authors, Liane Moriarty.

My jumpsuit obsession lives on in this classic Madewell piece. How genius and adorable are those shoulder knots?!

A 90s throwback plus comfort? I am not mad about the re-emergence of the Birks.

Cheers to the freakin weekend y’all!

weekend bar

Use Statement Pieces to Add Style to Any Outfit

How many times have you stood in front of your closet, with a complete lack of enthusiasm, exhausted by the daunting thought of styling another outfit? I know I’ve been there plenty of times, groaning out loud “I have NO clothes,” with over 100 pieces staring back at me. Sometimes, all it takes is a little re-purposing and a few key pieces to add life back into your closet.

We’ve all seen a woman wearing simply jeans and a tee but managing to look impossibly chic. While fit is an important factor here, oftentimes, these ladies are using a statement piece to pull together their outfit. Statement pieces typically fall into the outerwear or accessory category and can range widely…a showy necklace, bright or patterned shoes, a luxe bag, a chic scarf, the list goes on.

The point is, that you can use one statement piece to pull together the most basic clothes into a stylish outfit. The statement piece is the cherry on top. Here are a few of my favorite examples.


basics 3 basics 4


basics basics 5


basics 2

basics 6

Notice how each of these outfits consists of basic pieces that every girl should have in her closet. Make sure you have a few expensive-looking statement pieces on hand, and next time you’re having a lazy day, try one of these quick combos, and you may just find a new avenue of opportunity in your wardrobe.

All About…Fringe

fringe outfit

If you have signed on to Pinterest in the past month, flipped through a fashion mag, or have started scouring the stores for your spring wardrobe, you know that fringe is BIG. I’m a huge fan of fringe and already have some staples in my wardrobe and many ‘wants’ scattered on Pinterest board.

Fringe Wrap

Have you ever stopped to wonder who decides the trends of each season? I know that the runway styles tend to filter down to the fashions for us regular people, but who makes that first decision about what trend will be scattered across the runway and across designers? I doubt that Ralph Lauren, DVF, and Mara Hoffman schedule a tea time to sync up before NYFW. I digress, but it’s fun to think about…

fringe vest

Fringe gives your look a Boho feel and accomplishes making your outfit perfectly imperfect. It’s an interesting twist on your typical piece of clothing or accessory, and can be worn across all parts of your style — from tops, sweaters, and vests, to handbags and even jewelry.

These are some of my favorite fringe inspirations!

fringe booties

fringe necklacefringe model

Oscars Winners in Fashion

After dedicating four hours of my life last night to the Oscars, I couldn’t go without a post gushing over my faves! To be honest, I had many moments of “what were you THINKING??” last night, but there were some stand-outs that made up for it. Here are the ladies that wow’ed me and have kept me staring. And no, I don’t care what the men wore, because tuxes just can’t be that exciting (aka, girls rule).

Rosamund Pike

oscars - rosamund pike

Talk about stunning…this Givenchy gown has such a romantic feel to it, and her soft hair and makeup complement it perfectly. I love the detail of the custom made rose-like fabric with the scalloped edge at the neckline. This is one of those gowns that just screams ‘Oscars.’

Margot Robbie

oscars - margot robbie

 Margot is so drop-dead gorgeous that I don’t think she could ever truly look bad in anything, but this was a look that I was instantly lusting over. She gave us something different than your typical Oscars dress in this chiffon Saint Laurent with the long flowing sleeves, and a blue tassel necklace that pulled the entire look together. Must. Become. Her.

Emma Stone

oscars - emma stone

It wasn’t just the color of Emma Stone’s gown that sold me, but the coloring of the entire look. The jeweled chartreuse fabric laid so flawlessly against her fair skin and red hair, with a coral lip to finish it off. I can’t imagine anyone wearing it better.

Sienna Miller

oscars - sienna miller

It’s only fair to divulge that this woman can do almost no wrong in my book…and the same goes for her designer. This navy and black Oscar de la Renta gown manages to stay consistent with Sienna’s edgy style while adding a feminine touch of subtle bows. She kept the jewelry, hair, and makeup minimal in order to let the gown do the talking.

What a girl’s dream…having your hair and makeup polished to perfection before stepping into the most exquisite piece of clothing that you could imagine! As a lover of beauty, the Oscars brings a lot of it to one red carpet in one night!