All About…Fringe

fringe outfit

If you have signed on to Pinterest in the past month, flipped through a fashion mag, or have started scouring the stores for your spring wardrobe, you know that fringe is BIG. I’m a huge fan of fringe and already have some staples in my wardrobe and many ‘wants’ scattered on Pinterest board.

Fringe Wrap

Have you ever stopped to wonder who decides the trends of each season? I know that the runway styles tend to filter down to the fashions for us regular people, but who makes that first decision about what trend will be scattered across the runway and across designers? I doubt that Ralph Lauren, DVF, and Mara Hoffman schedule a tea time to sync up before NYFW. I digress, but it’s fun to think about…

fringe vest

Fringe gives your look a Boho feel and accomplishes making your outfit perfectly imperfect. It’s an interesting twist on your typical piece of clothing or accessory, and can be worn across all parts of your style — from tops, sweaters, and vests, to handbags and even jewelry.

These are some of my favorite fringe inspirations!

fringe booties

fringe necklacefringe model

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