The Color That Screams Chic

Perhaps the most underrated and easily forgotten neutral in the bunch, camel is an easy way to add chicness to any wardrobe. I’m a firm believer in pairing solid neutral pieces together when your look needs an extra dose of sophistication. Camel fits right into this and often looks its best when combined with black, white, or gray. Below are some of my favorite inspirations for incorporating camel in your everyday look as a piece of clothing or an accessory, without coming out looking like a big potato (mm I’m hungry).

camel skirtMixing with all solid neutrals and a pop of print

camel shirtThis creamy caramel top looks amazing against her skin tone

camel hatThe hat makes the look, and I adore the bohemian feel this one gives.

camel shortsThe unique structure and material of this skirt just WORK.

camel bagEven a camel bag looks expensive!

Bottom line: try camel, and I don’t mean the one with humps.

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