How the Change of Seasons Affects Our Mood

While sitting on my deck, where I established my office for today, I leaned my head back to feel the sunshine on my face and admire the tree towering above me. My breathing was calm, my body relaxed, and my mind in a happy state. I began to wonder about the psychological effects the weather seems to have on me, and whether others felt the impact that I often do.

I’m a sunshine-lovin’ summer girl at heart, and was born at the beginning of the summer. Over the years, I had heard here and there about researchers who believe your birth season has an impact on your personality later in life. While I don’t see a way this can possibly be true for the entire human (or even American) population, I’ve learned that many people have a strong preference for which season they enjoy the most. Some might argue that the preference is solely due to the activities and events that each season of the year brings. While this certainly can have an impact, for me, it’s more than just that.

The first warm day of the year seems to bring a sense of optimism. The days become longer, the sun makes more appearances, the birds begin chirping, and the plants begin to grow, adding color and beauty to the world outside our door. It feels almost like a rebirth of sorts, like a positive push, and a chance to leave behind whatever emotions or situations have been weighing us down.

Summer is branded as “the fun time,” with backyard bbq’s, pool parties, vacations, and a sense of relaxation. I’m inclined to think that this branding is engrained in our minds from the time we are children beginning school, eagerly anticipating summer break, where we regained our freedom and our cares melted away. Maybe those childhood feelings are where my excitement of Spring is born from. But wherever it is stemming from, I know that I’m not alone in these feelings. Based on where you live, the social media trend typically begins somewhere around this time – outdoor pictures and posts proclaiming the warm temperature and expressing the joy that it brings.

spring bugWhatever the reasons behind it, I’m thankful that nature has a way of bringing me this newfound happiness and zest for life. In my personal quest to be more present in the moment, I’m going to enjoy the little details of the changing seasons, and soak up that Vitamin D.

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